Tessie and Katniss are the same in some ways, but different others. They both live in a dystonia.Tessie is fine with the lottery as long she doesn’t get picked but Katniss hates there lottery. Katniss said no take me when she heard her sister name and Tessie doesn’t care about her family.

Tessie and Katniss both live in a dystonia. In both the dystonia each year they both have a lottery. In each dystonia the government made the lottery.Each in the lottery someone dies in the end.

Tessie is fine with the lottery as long she doesn’t get picked. Katniss hated the lottery. Katniss said “I’m feeling nauseous and so desperately hoping that it’s not me that its not me, that it’s not me”.That shows that Katniss doesn’t like the lottery. Tessie feels fine with the lottery if she doesn’t get picked.

There are also different because one cared and the other didn’t. When Katniss family was picked she volunteer and toke the spot. Katniss said “I volunteer I gasp.I volunteer as tribute prim is screaming hysterically behind prim wrapped her skinny around me.”. When Tessie family was picked she said take my daughter not me.

Tessie and Katniss are little bit the same and all lot different. They both lived in a dystonia Katniss tryed to protected her family and Tessie did not protected her family. That’s what i think about these to characters.

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