I wish I will be a mathematicians. I will have job responsibilities. I will need skills and education. The job outlook is pretty good.

This is some of my job responsibilities. I will turn data into useful information. I will design surveys. I will creates models.

This is some skills and education. I need a advanced degree. I will need to learn math skills. I will need some problem solving skill.

This is my job outlook. I make 116,210 a year. This is a growing job. I like how Im going to improve my business process.

I will be a mathematician. I creates models get a advanced degree and make 116,210.I wish i will be good at it.







Tessie and Katniss are the same in some ways, but different others. They both live in a dystonia.Tessie is fine with the lottery as long she doesn’t get picked but Katniss hates there lottery. Katniss said no take me when she heard her sister name and Tessie doesn’t care about her family.

Tessie and Katniss both live in a dystonia. In both the dystonia each year they both have a lottery. In each dystonia the government made the lottery.Each in the lottery someone dies in the end.

Tessie is fine with the lottery as long she doesn’t get picked. Katniss hated the lottery. Katniss said “I’m feeling nauseous and so desperately hoping that it’s not me that its not me, that it’s not me”.That shows that Katniss doesn’t like the lottery. Tessie feels fine with the lottery if she doesn’t get picked.

There are also different because one cared and the other didn’t. When Katniss family was picked she volunteer and toke the spot. Katniss said “I volunteer I gasp.I volunteer as tribute prim is screaming hysterically behind prim wrapped her skinny around me.”. When Tessie family was picked she said take my daughter not me.

Tessie and Katniss are little bit the same and all lot different. They both lived in a dystonia Katniss tryed to protected her family and Tessie did not protected her family. That’s what i think about these to characters.

Reasons to name a school Cesar Chavez

I think they should name a school after Cesar Chavez. I think that because he was a nonviolent person. He helped the Latinos workers to vote. He helped the Latinos to get more rights.

He nonviolent because he protested by demanding that all the Americans boycott eating grapes as a sign of support.



1 way the world will end is by nuclear bomb. On New years day North Korea will launch a huge bomb not knowing. It will have a lot of radiation. Next when it hits the ground everywhere around it will disepear.


This year i will change 3 things. I want to be more nice to my brother.I want to pass ESL . I want to lose weight this year.

I’ll treat my brother better.  I’ll play with him better.  I will help my brother with his homework.  I will buy something for his birthday.

I will pass ESL.  I’ll try my best in the test.  Im going to do what the teacher says.  Speak in the mike louder.

I will lose weight. I will go outside more.  I’ll ride my bike everyday.  I’ll play with my friends.

This year i will change 3 things.

Im Thankful for..

Im am thankful for  my PS4 .

It is fun to play on it.

I see scary clips.

I love playing The Forest on it

I am thankful for my PS4

I feel energetic on it

I wonder if i can do a wheelie

I try to be impressive

I can jump over a bump

I am thankful for a bike

I know they are smart and helpful

I understand they are protected because they want me to be safe all time

I am lucky they are smart and protect

I dream my mom being in a cooking contest

I am thankful for my family

Old Man Warner

Based on the words and actions of Old Man Warner in Shirley Jackson’s story The Lottery i think he is likes about the lottery.Old Man Warner likes the lottery because he said “Mr.Adams said to Old Man Warner who stood next him that in the North village they are giving up the lottery Old Man Warner snorted, crazy pack of fools. Old Man Warner likes the lottery because he said crazy pack of fools to the North village because there thinking about giving up.So Old Man Warner likes the lottery.

World peace

I will make world peace by taking out guns,taking out beer,and end war.

I think we will fix peace by taking out guns by shuting down the gun store.Check in peoples houses.Check safe houses.

I think we should take out beer by shuting down the bar.Check the stores for beer.Checking people cabinets for any beer.

I think we should finish war by having no president,no army,and no military they fight back.

I want to fix world peace.We fix world peace by taking out guns,beer,and no war.

Nature walk

I went on a fun nature walk.I walk into a green thorny branch.Then saw a big spider in front of me.Dirt went in my mouth.

There was green thorny branch.I ran into the green thorny branch.It got stuck in my pants.It was really thorny.

There was a big spider.The spider was bigger than my hand.It was on a web.It was brown.

I tasted dirt.The kids were running.It got in my mouth.It was brown.